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In 2012 I successfully defended a master thesis focusing on Scrum, as one of the Agile frameworks.


This paper studies the case of the company I was working at, which has been developing large Windows software for specific target group since 1990s. 

Their product became outdated due to the extreme development of other software platforms. Customers needed a better interface. The solution was to create a set of iPad apps.


It appeared to be very challenging. To manage the situation, CEO decided to try new software development methods. Scrum seemed the easiest. However, becoming Agile was not a smooth process. My help was right in time.

My master thesis was highly appreciated and accessed with A+ by the research team.


After my graduation, I started working full time and was promoted to a UI & UX Designer and a Scrum Master.

Since then, Scrum has always been my passion. I was trying to create a specific Scrum approach to cover company's needs. This was successfully done, and after switching to the remote contract, I am happy to see my colleagues are still following Agile and Scrum principles on their own. 

At my future job I am planning to be flexible and follow the framework that fits the needs of the company. However I prefer working iteratively, discussing each stage of the design as much and as detailed as possible. 

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